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I Never Laughed So Loud. I Never Laughed So Loud.

Arsène HodaliArsène Hodali, Jazz Juner

I never laughed so loud. I never laughed so loud.

She tells me she loves me. As big as Texas.

All the stars darling. All the stars is what you give me.

My friends make my heart a beautiful machine. Make it easy to love another person. Every one of us lambs drinking hungrily, regardless of whether there is someone there to teach us how to. How hungrily we hunger, how soft our softness is.

Oh easy feet. How easy you make it for me to dance. All the song in your body, all the music in your heart plays on repeat when I walk this world. Hold me in your little hands and don’t ever set me down.

All us the youngest man of America. All us the prettiest girl in Texas. The smartest flower. How perfect we must be that the universe could only make one of each of our hearts. Do you have a notion of how priceless you are? Hyperbole is not in me. My tongue tells stories but every one of them is true. Hyperbole is not in me. You are all the moons. And I swear, your mother, whether she loves you or not, is all the moons too. All the shoes broken and falling sing of you moving through space and time.

In the white light your silhouette becomes a star. All us the biggest red. All us the fasting moving wish. All of us the world speaks out loud.

// Anais Mitchell + Anis Mojgani


anthology, anthropology.